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off the top at 6:00 the story everyone is talking about. the virginia couple wannabe reality tv stars crashing president obama's state dinner at the white house. >> a lot of questions about this one tonight including how did these uninvited guests get through security even going so far as to snap pictures with vips like this photo with vice president joe biden posted on
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the couple's facebook page. tom fitzgerald is tracking answers. >> reporter: vip. they confirmed their cameras were following tarek salahi and michaele as they passed themselves off as invited guests. they were told they are under consideration for the upcoming cast of the tv reality show real housewives of d.c. the white house denies it, the producers were under impression that they were invited to the state dinner. either way, folks that know them say the couple that has sought notoriety for years achieved it in a way they did not expect. guess who is coming to dinner at the white house? well, not exactly who you would expect. the ultimate party crash happened tuesday night during presidentnd mrs. obama's first state dinner for the prime minister of india. mingling in among the katie
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couric and steven speilbergs and heads of state, in stroke these folks. she looking fabulous, he with a tux but neither one with an invitation. michaele and tarek salahi didn't have invitations because they arent invited. they posted facebook pictures of them hobnobbing with the white house chief of staff, katie couric, the mayor of d.c. and the vice president of the united states. >> this takes the cake. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: tim mcdermott covered the couple in their finally troubled winery in northwestern virginia. he describes them as social scene regular guy lars and reality show wanna bees. >> nobody is surprised they could pull this off. i've been to the white house. there is an id check, something is going on. >> reporter: despite the embarrassment, the secret
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service says the couple passed through medical detectors and the safety of the president was never at risk but initial findings identified as secret service checkpoint did not follow proper procedures. one new procedure almost certainly on the way, ask to see an invitation bmp you let someone -- before you let someone into the president's party. while all the pictures are clear, what is not clear is how close this couple ever got to the president of the united states. an attorney for the salahis told us that the couple did not crash the party and that they will set the record straight at a later time. the white house insists that they were not on the guest list. we tried numerous times to contact even out to west virginia but we were turned away at the oas winery. apparently we were not invited. >> tom, thank you for that. before heading to the dinner, tarek salahi stopped -- michaele salahi stopped by to
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have her hair and makeup done. we talked to the women and they say she claimed to have an invitation to the event. >> i asked her where is your invitation, do you have it with you, can i see it? she was excited to show me. she was going in her purse to get it and conveniently she didn't have it. >> i was talking to her. i said how did you get invited. she said well i got invited. i am just really blessed i got invited. >> irwin gomez says these not the first time he worked with michaele salahi. find out what he said happened after her wedding several years ago. the first family spent thanksgiving at the white house. president obama took time out of his day to call 10 u.s. service members stationed in war zones. he told them he is grateful for his service and sacrifices for
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the countries. he thanked all military men and women for their sacrifices. >> we keep in our thoughts and prayers the many families marking this thanksgiving with an empty seat saved for a son or daughter, husband or wife stationed in harm's way. we say a for the sacrifices those men and women in uniform are making for our safety and freedom. >> also wounded soldiers in afghanistan got a chance to enjoy a holiday meal at bagram air base. carl i can ken berry visited injured men and women. back at home, the legacy of abe pollin lives on. he always remembered a thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. tisha thompson went to find out how they were remembering him. >> reporter: for 30 years they have thrown a thanksgiving
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feast for any and all that need a thanksgiving meal. >> i do it because so many people helped me when my kids were smol. i am blessed to be 83 years old. >> reporter: she takes over the lodge 85 in northwest and wrong also in many of the members including marjorie sutter. >> i am serving gravy. makes me feel good to help those that need. makes me feel good about myself. >> reporter: they have been cooking since monday. more than 50 turkeys, 200 pounds of sweet potatoes. anyone that walks in the door with get a perfect dish. >> every pie, every piece of ham is donated. this year jones is mourning the passing of one of her favorite donors, abe pollin. >> i saw it in the newspaper. i wrote a letter. told him what i was doing.
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asked if he could make a donation. >> he sent me a check every year to buy food for 15 years until he got sick. >> thank god for his time here. even though a lot of us didn't know it that he contributed, but when you think about things like that, you say, well, people are good at heart. >> reporter: robert williams and the other homeless say they are especially thankful or this day for a meal they wouldn't have had otherwise been able to get. >> i am having a wonderful time for this thanksgiving dinner, something that i do have that i couldn't get. what more can i say. >> for jones, that's the whole point who says she will keep throwing this feast every year until she can't dish out any more. in northwest, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> abe pollin will be laid to rest tomorrow. services will be held at the washington hebrew congregation northwest.
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there will be some street closures. be aware of that. no parking will be allowed on those streets from 8:00 to 2:00. neighbors celebrating a special thanksgiving. they are getting new landlord themselves. we will explain when we return. 
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it's hard to imagine a
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better day than today to celebrate a real american success story. a group of immigrants tired of paying rent agreed to buy the place. >> they turn it into a co-op and agree to live there happily ever after. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: this is the story passed down from generation to generation. in america, anything is possible 18 immigrant families working in hotel lawn dress, restaurants and blue collar jobs come together to secure a loan for $1.8 million purchasing the apartment building. >> we all of us here, we fight on this property. >> reporter: it wasn't easy. far from it. it was touch and go up until closing. jose, the vice president of the co-op was getting anxious. >> what is happening? >> reporter: days went by, e-
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mails exchanged. then the word, the building is yours. >> i was there signing the papers. a ton of papers. >> reporter: the 18 families that purchased the building said they came together for one reason. they were tired ofpushing so many low income families out of the neighborhood. buying it is one challenge. renovating is it another. >> there is a need for a new roof, new electrical system, plumbing system and to do some rehab insight the apartments to have new kitchens and bathrooms. >> reporter: a job estimated to cost around $2 million. a project that will require every telephone move out six months, inconvenience for sure but so necessary. >> right now it's good but the apartment is not very well
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because it's cold. the heater is not good. everything is too bad, the lights. >> reporter: the 18 families that live here give thanks. their dream came true and answered prayers. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> we wish them the best of luck with that. still ahead at 6:00, redskins players reveal their eating strategies. >> why wait until black friday. holiday shoppers hitting stores now. 
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forgot the afternoon nap. some chose to spend the thanksgiving day shopping. no need to wait until black friday. >> several stores opened today packed with deals. sherri ly shows us where the bargains are. >> reporter: at k mart, toys and big screen tvs brought shoppers in the door. people lined up at old navy with their arms full. sports authority too took a swing at opening on thanksgiving. >> we do this every year. >> why wait, shoppers said, if you can nap a few deals before dinner. >> we go out and we love to
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shop. just enjoy it and we go home and relax and eat and get ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: a 50-inch tv at $200 off, too much of a bargain for mike garner to pass up. >> that's my tv. >> it's going to look nice in my room. >> reporter: the best part about shopping on thanksgiving, less crowds. >> we can walk and talk and not feel like we have to rush through the ste. or fight for toys. >> no fighting. >> we will win. >> but there will be no fighting. watch out, people. >> reporter: the registers ringing at old navy seemed more like black friday. it's the first year the store is open on thanksgiving and shoppers started early. >> we opened this morning we had a line wrapped around the building at 12:00. >> lines are long. it took us a while to get through. >> it will be worse tomorrow. >> reporter: for the guys, sports authority offered a reprieve from isles of toys and
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clothes of. for these hearty few, a good deal on laptop computers is worth camping out 24 hours before doors open friday. >> the last time i he cam here but i missed the chance. next in line, they have thanksgiving dinner on order. >> how are you getting thanksgiving dinner. >> getting delivered to me. >> who is delivering. >> my mom and i think somebody else might bring me food, too. >> that is a bargain. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> i did some a couple of flat screens may want to pick up. >> a couple. >> they are cheap. >> you have been saving your money. >> two flat screens. >> maybe three if i'm lucky. >> why not one big one. >> that might work. >> how is the weather looking. >> blustery, cold, not foggy and not misty or drizzly.
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in that regard it's better news. i want to show you the showers out to the west of us. you will hear the pitter patter of this coming across after 9:00 from west to east. it's about to hit i 881 now then they will sweep across. 45 degrees or so at 11:00. i have the showers in. tomorrow morning the showers will move through. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow 43 degrees. by noon tomorrow the winds are picking up, with the wind around 20, that 46 will feel like it's in the mid-30s out there. you will notice the difference tomorrow. temperatures 51. 51 in the city. believe it or not, that's the high for the day. gaithersburg 46. >> we expand the view, temperatures well to the north and west of us. they are a little cooler. international falls 25 degrees. fargo 31. yes, we do have a cold front moving through. it's through ohio now, through
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west virginia. that rain that we showed you is really associated with the leading edge of that colder air coming down. as these temperatures continue to tumble, we will end up getting the rain to turn over to snow. and a winter advisory was issued out to the west of us. this will be for early tomorrow morning into 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. they could pick up as much as 2 to 4 inches of snow. maybe some placed up to 6 inches and most of this will be the western facing slopes, not the eastern facing slopes. it will be a upslope snow event. we are trapped between two storms. one coastal has moved west to the east of us. we have the next system from the west. here is the showers breaking out right now all up and down the frontal system. once you begin to feel the rain, the colder air and the winds will kick up shortly, not only will the winds come up but
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the temperatures will fall a bit and it will sweep the fog out of here and the drizzle, we will be left with the clos and the showers. tonight at 11:00 notice just about everybody chance of showers. tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. mostly cloudy and dry. back to the west for western pennsylvania included maybe in pittsburgh, too, then back out through west virginia and the higher elevations, that will be in the form of snow. that will continue through the day tomorrow. it will be blustery as the winds go to the northwest about 10 to 20 miles per hour. passing showers overnight tonight. the breeze kicks up with the cold air coming through. low to about 45 degrees. we don't warm up much tomorrow. blustery, cloudy. spotty shower. maybe you ought to buy a jacket tomorrow morning instead of a flat screen. you will need it. the weekend as advertised,
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gorgeous. perfect fall weekend coming up. tomorrow not too bad. stay warm and wrap up. >> okay. >> we are working. not so bad. coming up next, red skins players reveal their personal strategy. sunny moments for you when we come back. 
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happy thanksgiving. the three fstake center stage, family, football and food. today in the district, the turkey bowltitle on the line. the blue knights taking on hd woodson wriors. first quarter, no score. pitch to eric shaw, he will get it. two point conversion is good. here comes woodson. porter, great catch and how about this, woodson wins 30-26 to win the 10th title, the most in the 40 year history of the
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turkey bowl. 2-8 lions hosting the packers. matthew stafford had a bum shoulder but still played. aaron rogers ball goes about 70 yards in the air. holy mackerel. donald driver got it at the other end. green bay touchdown. woodson won a heisman trophy for michigan many years ago. he picked off the rookie and there he goes. strike that pose. yeah, the heisman is back. green bay beats detroit 34-12. for the redskins when you say game plan, you are thinking of a strategy. it was time to forget about xs and os and economy a gram -- and diagram a food program. >> my attack is to -- >> load up. >> you got to prep. >> this game apprches
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quickly. >> you got to get down. >> i load up. >> i like to start off with one -- >> as we get ready -- first the dressing, stuffing, whatever, turkey and ham and the greens. >> i will load up two or three times. eat, as soon as you walk in. wife and kids a hug. sit down. >> i load up on dessert. >> i get about six different plates. >> my plan of attack is to gorge immensely. finish up with a little desert. >> i don't like rookies at all. >> let me say that i don't like rookies. >> what i like to do is this. i like to start off with one gigantic plate off the bat because that's going to tell you how hungry you are. the first big plate don't drink
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anything, don't drink nothing. if you start to drink you are done. it's already defeated you. everybody has a particular strategy. you can ask -- come to the big man. >> that is a big man, mike williams that lost 150 pounds during training camp. if there is somebody that noose how to eat, it's mike williams. >> you may gain that back tonight. >> he will try. >> one big plate, no drinking. good strategy. >> redskins needed a nice day. i think they are having it. >> thanks. >> that's it for us at 6:00. we will be back at 10:00 and the news edge at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us.
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i holiday bargain hunting. which requires a razor sharp eye and blazing speed. especially if you're shopping for a chevy. can we speed this up? not only do they come with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose.

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